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Space Editions


  • Limitierte Auflage: 150 Exemplare
  • Material: Aludibond
  • Maße: 100 x 80 cm
  • Format: Querformat

3.000,00 €

Verfügbar, Lieferzeit 4-6 Wochen

Wir arbeiten mit außergewöhnlichen zeitgenössischen Künstlern zusammen, um exklusive Werke von herausragender Qualität zu produzieren und auf den Markt zu bringen.

Über das Kunstwerk

Picture of an astronaut in Space

Introducing the NASA Picture Collection: Iconic Space Photography

Explore the captivating world of space through the lens of NASA with our exclusive collection of NASA pictures, meticulously captured and compiled over decades of historic space missions. Featuring over 7,000 extraordinary images, this collection represents the pinnacle of NASA's private photography, now accessible to the general public.

From the awe-inspiring moon landing to the groundbreaking space shuttle program, these images showcase mankind's monumental achievements in space exploration. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the cosmos with our limited edition, high-quality prints, meticulously curated for your viewing pleasure.

Each picture in our collection comes with a certificate of authenticity, providing invaluable insights into the captured scene, including its backstory, location, and the remarkable circumstances under which the photo was taken.

Discover the wonders of space through our NASA Picture Collection. Don't miss this rare opportunity to own a piece of history, immortalized in these remarkable images.

Explore our website to choose from a selection of breathtaking space pictures, including NASA art, space photography, astronaut photos, and more.

NASA photo description (backside)


November 14. 1984


51 - A ONBOARD SCENE - - - Astronaut Dale A. Gardner, having just completed the major portion of his second extravehicular activity (EVA) period in three days abroad the Earth-orbiting Discovery, holds up a for sale sign. Astronaut Joseph P. Allen IV, who also participated in the two EVA, is reflected in Gardner’s helmet visor. A portion of each of two recovered satellites is in lower right corner, with [...] nearer Discovery’s aft. Dr. Allen, standing on the mobile foot restraint, connected to the remote manipulator system. 
pg. 18-3
Credit: NASA

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Kunstwerke von Space Editions


6.300,00 €

Unmanned Orange

1.800,00 €


5.500,00 €

Über den Künstler

Motifs from the original NASA photography collection

It all started with a case. The contents of this case consisted out of a special collection of 7.000 motifs and images, all taken from and by NASA, making it the most iconic, recognizable and complete collection of NASA's private  photography's now know to the greater public. This collection consists out of some of the most monumental achievements in mankind's younger historic accomplishments from the period of space travel, including the moon landing, the space shuttle programand other recognizable endeavors.

Each print is manufactured to exceptionally high standards. The type of printing method is freely configurable depending on your preferences.
The limited collection consists out of 25 images from iconic NASA photographs. Each printout comes with a certificate of authenticity, originally issued by NASA, detailing the story behind the image.

More motifs available at

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